Global Impact

The No More Violence movement started in 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and arrived 2 years later to the Argentine President´s office, who personally requested a meeting with the leadership of NMV in order to learn more about the movement and to give his support.  In 2001, Argentina´s Minister of Education guaranteed the endorsement of this program by way of a resolution that included No More Violence, a Message from God be implemented as an extracurricular activity in all the public education entities of the country.  The Police Department and the governing offices that supervise security in the stadiums also solicited the help of our movement to collaborate with their preventative work in large events.

Today, thousands of volunteers have been trained through local faith-based communities throughout Latin America that collaborate a huge task of educating and preventing violence of various environments.

This has taken place in countries as Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay and the U.S.A.

In 2011, NMV started a joint effort with the General Baptist Convention of Texas, teaching these principles to faith-based communities in Texas and Mexico which work on the Texas-Mexican border. We are also initiating new contacts with Bolivia, Cuba and with the city of Dubai en the Arab Emirates.

Participating Countries