What happens when we say, “Enough. No More Violence”

By David Michael Balyeat

This all began with a dream. This all began with a vision. This all began with a hope. This all began because a man believed there was a greater future out there that was not defined by the present. That the current occasion and situation was only what it was because the masses were allowing themselves to be overrun by a minimal number of individuals. This all began because a man, who was a part of the masses, stood up and said “Enough. No More Violence”.

You see the voice of the masses whispers “no more violence”. But the minority yells and disrupts like a loud thunder waking a man from a dream. Why is it that few can boldly establish turmoil and cause the masses to fear and tremble? Why is it that those who attempt to shine a light allow themselves to coward away like a small flame at the mercy of a light breeze?

20 years ago, a single flame was lit, it was protected against doubt, protected against negativity, and protected from many other winds that attempted to blow it out. 20 years ago, a man had a dream, 20 years ago a man had a vision. 20 years ago, a man had hope that those that had a flame, any kind of flame, big or small, would unite and rise up together to create a fire so big that no darkness could reside where it burned. And if any strong wind should rise against it, it would only fuel the fire and make it grow and multiply.

Today that wildfire has shined light in schools, brought a new light to families, driven out darkness in stadiums and allowed a clear vision for a future with hope. Today, this light is shining in over 10 countries across the world and lighting the way into many more.

What No More Violence does is not diminish the fact that there is darkness, it does not diminish the fact that there is hatred in this world. No More Violence simply reminds us that there is enough love to conquer that hate. It reminds us that there is enough love found in the masses to conquer the amount of hate found in the minority. That in the masses we can find enough patience, kindness, enough humility, peace, joy, trust, perseverance, and enough LOVE for others to put our differences aside and simply enjoy life. Enjoy all that we were created for, which is to Love God and love others.

People matter, you matter, let your voice be heard, and let your light shine as you join us in proclaiming among the nations “No More Violence a Message from God”.


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What happens when we say, “Enough. No More Violence”
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