Working in the present for a better future

No More Violence, A Message from God is actively working in different parts of the community: schools, community centers, homes, police and government, and sports activities and stadiums.


We encourage the positive and peaceful participation in stadiums and other group gatherings.  We train volunteers that will work to avoid confrontations between fans, rival clubs, and police by forming human barriers between them. We unfold a huge flag in


The program, No More Violence, a Message from God, is an educational and preventative program that: Offers students a different option from the violence that surrounds them every day, drugs, idleness and other vices. It challenges them to take an

Mission and Strategy

Vision Our vision is to transform communities and nations by establishing a culture of peace in people’s hearts. Mission Our mission is to influence individuals and communities through concrete actions that express a message of peace, justice and love. Strategy

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