Child Abuse Initiative – Cities of Arlington and Dalworthington Gardens, Texas


As we began promoting the No More Violence message more than twenty years ago in Argentina only to see the message spread to now nine countries, we believe that the No More Child Abuse will do the same. The promotion of values that appear to be lost or disappearing give us common ground by which we can build bridges into the hearts of hurting people and also assist in the prevention of abuse as these values are emphasized and put into practice.

For the remainder of 2019 we will promote these five values; Respect, Truth, Life, Love & Peace. We hope to reach a tipping point that will propel us into promoting these and other values in 2020 as we work for continued peace in these and other cities.

Together with our partners, we want to raise awareness of the issue of child abuse and work towards reducing the incidences of this problem that destroys lives and families.

Any funds raised through this initiative will be used for room makeovers in coordination with Alliance for Children. For any donation you wish to make please click here. Thank you for your contribution to this very important initiative!




We have highlighted five values that we believe will assist in raising awareness of this reality in the 76016 zip code of Tarrant County in the state of Texas.


Respect children

Tell the truth

Defend life

Love others

Build a city of peace


Respect, Truth, Life, Love and Peace are the five values that when we put them into action in our everyday lives we can begin to see change, first in ourselves than in others.

Each of these values contributes to the reconciliation of society when people are valued and have a clear understanding that “change begins with me first.”



Child Abuse Initiative – Cities of Arlington and Dalworthington Gardens, Texas
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