NMV visits the All African Baptist Fellowship Convention

The NMV visit to the AABF Convention in December 2023 was a tremendous blessing not only for our team but for the entire international movement since the doors to the African continent have opened. The need and desire for peace is real among the various delegations we met. We visited with Rwandan genocide survivors, were shown a video from Central African Republic showing the killings of Christians.

Yes the realities encountered were different than some we have seen, but the truth remains that God is the only one that can establish and sustain peace.
The team was moved by the visti to the Kigali genocide memorial where over 150 thousand are buried.

We are grateful for the support of Texas Baptists that helped make the experience possible, as to the Baptist World Alliance for their support for our ministry. We are blessed to have met our fellow brothers and sisters of the All African Baptist Fellowship, we look forward to all God will do as we begin to walk together to reach the continent with the message of peace, No More Violence A Message from God.

Pictured with the Texas shirt flag is the Secretary General of AABF, Pastor Elias Apetogbo, presenting is the General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance, Elijah Brown.

Receiving the No More Violence plaque is Pastor Israel Akanji, President of the AABF.

Receiving the No More Violence Plaque is Pastor Tomas Mackey, President of the Baptist World Alliance. It was a moving moment for David Balyeat to present this plaque because of the many years and experiences that unite both men’s life’s stories.

Pictured at a table with Pastor Faustin Bashaka, President of the Reformed Baptist Convention of Rwanda.

It was also a special moment to meet Rick Warren, his presentation on the health of churches was very helpful. We learned that he is a citizen of Rwanda due to his many years of work in that country.

A tremendous blessing was to visit several churches before returning home. The joy expressed by the congregants was especially inspiring.

We are indeed grateful for the opportunity to share about the No More Violence ministry with pastors and leaders from the African continent. We look forward to our return in the months and years to come.

NMV visits the All African Baptist Fellowship Convention
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