More Than Conquerors Sports Museum

The More Than Conquerors Sports Museum is the result of a great love for sports, meeting amazing people, attending games on many trips. Through the display of the More Than Conquerors Sports Museum, we seek to send a message of no more violence to all who come out to see it.  Sports is a great avenue to promote and establish a culture of peace in every community.

The Museum contains a variety of sports memorabilia, autographed photos and jerseys, balls and items of great interest. The purpose of the display is to celebrate the athletes, hoping that each one finds victory in the “game of life”.

The Museum has traveled to many countries, visiting schools and special events.


Memphis Americans signed
Signed by Governor William Winter of MS, Kyle Rote Jr, Chris Bartel, Matt Sullivan and Daniel Johnson, 1984.


More than conquerors sports museum

David is the president founder of No More Violence International. This organization is celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary this year.  As founder and president of NMV International Inc., Balyeat continues to lead the work in 9 countries to prevent violence. The work consists in training volunteers to share principles and values that help establish a culture of peace in public schools, professional and neighborhood sports programs, community centers, police departments etc, with the objective of raising up agents of change.

The Museum is one of the tools that has helped promote values and principles of peace. It has been presented in different formats in South, Central and North America, has traveled to Sierra Leon, Africa and to United Arab Emirates. It awakens memories of great moments in the history of sports remembering the players that helped develop the passion of fans of all ages. Balyeat’s love for soccer and sports in general began during his childhood in Argentina. He received his bachelor degree in Physical Education while attending Dallas Baptist University, he would go on to coach college soccer for ten years in NAIA at Mississippi College and Dallas Baptist University.

In September 2017 the NMV organization received the Diploma of Honor from the Senate of the Argentine Congress as part of the twentieth anniversary celebration. Balyeat has traveled to over thirty countries where he has spoken to thousands of people, worked with government leaders in South and Central America.