Celebrating 25 years of No More Violence

An international virtual celebration via Zoom was held to celebrate 25 years of No More Violence serving communities and schools throughout Latin America and beyond.

There was participation from community leaders and coordinators from all the different countries in which we are actively working. As well as staff of No More Violence International.

Dr. Gustavo Lugones, who shared about his experience while a part of the Argentine national government, was a part of an agency that regulated the prevention of violence in sports. He was one who convicted us to carry out our early tasks of preventing violence at soccer stadiums in full scale.

Joining us for the virtual celebration were also volunteers representing all the 25 years of work. Many of them shared stories throughout the time.

Lastly, No More Violence International shared the current work being carried out, as well as new developments in the 11 countries of Latin America, and the objectives that have been set as goals for the next 5 years.

  • To add 7,000 volunteers
  • To add 500 faith communities
  • To reach 25 countries total, of which many new ones have already had open doors

We look forward to the future!

Celebrating 25 years of No More Violence
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