Norberto Palmitano in Honduras, December 2015


In December 2015, we were invited by the Baptist Youth of Honduras to a conference put on by the city of El Progreso. They were four wonderful days during which I was able to experience the love that God puts in His children. I participated in different evangelistic activities with the participating churches and also had the opportunity to train a group of young leaders from different regions of the country.


They received the “No More Violence, A Message from God” program very well (just as in all the places it has been presented). The young leaders showed a genuine concern for the state of extreme violence that they live with in their country, and they found our program to be an effective tool to influence the lives of people and to create places of peace through the agents of change that our ministry generates.


We believe that very soon we will be participating and teaching in middle and high schools along with this beautiful group of young people who are committed to the work ahead.

Personally, I always see the same problem in the different countries that we go to. The youth have very low self-esteems and are going through very deep identity crisis. This generates an easy prey for gangs to go after, it generates immigration and also a unorganized way of life. Families are destroyed and it is very difficult for youth to find good role models to follow.


No More Violence, A Message from God faces this problem by transmitting values and providing tools to deal with these conflictive situations, therefore generating environments where young people can express their feelings and together we can work to make them better.

I ask that you pray for the young people of Hondura, that they would be transformed and therefore transform their country into one where the rights of each person are respected and where Kingdom values are exercised.


God bless you.

— Norberto Palmitano

Norberto Palmitano in Honduras, December 2015
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