Major News Source in Argentina features the 20 years celebration

The Olé is the most popular news source in Argentina, usually mainly for sports. They featured the No More Violence 20 years celebration, you can read below:

20 years of No More Violence

As part of a series of celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Organization No More Violence, the “Party for Peace” will be held on Thursday, September 28 at 7 pm at the La Posta sports complex.

If there is a good reason to put together a soccer match it’s to combat violence. And as part of a series of celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Organization No More Violence, this Thursday, September 28, will be held at 7:00 pm the so-called “Party for Peace” at the La Posta sports complex, city ​​of La Plata, on Avenida 1 between 60 and 61 streets, with special guests.

Players and former players from different clubs will be part of the game: they will come from Estudiantes, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, Villa San Carlos, Cambaceres, and other institutions. Special guests will also attend such as national, provincial, municipal and media authorities.

Among the players that will compete are: Jorge Vivaldo, Juan Manuel Azconzábal, Pablo Quatrocchi, Mario Saccone, Darío Ortiz, Lucas Wilchez, Juan Arias Navarro, Martín Mazzucco, the mono Rodríguez, and referee Fernando Rapallini, among others.

The Organization No More Violence was born 20 years ago precisely in the city of La Plata. It is a voluntary social movement with Christian principles that provides transforming tools to faith communities to establish Principles of Peace in society. With a preventive-educational task in schools, squares, neighborhood centers and sports clubs, the No More Violence volunteers develop their programs Positive Presence in the Stadiums; No more violence goes to school; Peace Builder Families; Cities of Peace; and Games for Peace, which are declared of educational interest in several provinces and by the Ministry of Education of the Nation, are a fundamental tool in the social transformation of our communities.

The celebration will continue on Friday 29 by double entry. At 11 am, a meeting will be held in the Delia Parodi Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies where mentions and recognitions will be given to different personalities for their voluntary work in social pacification. There will be present ambassadors, legislators, authorities of the national government, representatives of No More Violence of all the Argentine Republic and of 7 countries where the same one carries out its pacificadora task. While at 19.30 in the Chamber of the Power Plant, cultural space of the City of Buenos Aires will hold a central celebration to thank God for these first 20 years of planting.

There will also be a lecture on “Building a Culture of Peace”; and recognition to those who were active protagonists volunteers of the peaceful transformation in schools, neighborhoods, stadiums and cities. In the musical part they will accompany the Buenos Aires Baptist Theological Seminary and singer Kerón Jackson, who with his powerful bass-baritone voice and a testimony of life transformed by the power of God has shocked audiences such as the Dallas Theater Center , Dallas Opera, Fort Worth’s Jubilee Theater among others.

The celebrations will conclude on Saturday 30th at 2:00 p.m. in the Plaza Moreno in the city of La Plata, with a day of “Games and arts for Peace”. With the objective of generating a public meeting space for the whole family where principles that build a city of peace with people of all ages will be shared through group dynamics, non-competitive games and artistic expressions directed by a trained team of volunteers.

Major News Source in Argentina features the 20 years celebration
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