Training of new volunteers, Bolivia

On July 1, 2022, the training of Puertas Abiertas Church of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, began, where Pastor Chicho and Marisa Añez Vaca together with the leaders of their congregation began to delve into the vision and mission of No More Violence, to be able to develop the Urban Evangelism Program in the community with various activities that they have been having this year.

Aníbal Urbañski (Argentina), Executive Director of No More Violence International, conducted the training in which he transmitted the mission, vision and principles so that the task of our organization can be carried out in the most optimal way.

On July 23, Puertas Abiertas Church will carry out an activity in the community to share the peace of God in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

In the month of August, the training will continue to as we continue to talk about the principles and foundations of No More Violence.

Training of new volunteers, Bolivia
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