Matamoros, Mexico

No Más Violencia has partnered with the Baptist General Convention of Texas to train churches and leaders with principles and values of non-violence. Through the work of Osvaldo Lerma and his relationship with Dr. Veronica Salazar who is the Director of the social work in the city of Matamoros. She is truly an amazing woman whose work is a blessing people in a great way. We had the opportunity to speak in a school and also to the staff of the Department of Integral Development of the Family. We continue to seek opportunities to train more leaders in order to advance into public schools and provide students an alternative to the violence that they are exposed to. All the work is done in order to challenge students to live with new values and principles that challenge them to believe that things can be different, that their home can be different and of course that their community can be different.

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We made a presentation of the picture of two boys that are wearing the flags of the United States and Mexico, with the message of No More Violence a Message from God to Dr. Salazar. The partnership with the city is soon to be official it will provide more open doors to work with more people.


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Matamoros, Mexico