No More Violence in Rosario, Argentina

No More Violence at the Classic in Rosario


On 24 and 25 July last was held in the city of Rosario, training issued by the organization “No More Violence. A Message From God. ” They joined the national team very committed volunteers to begin work in schools and with families in neighborhoods.

“On Saturday, at the end of training, a group went to the stadium where Newell’s Old Boys would play the next day classic of the city. It had forecast much violence, “said Fernando Carradori, director of No More Violence.

According to the press release released the same day by the same organization, “dozens of volunteers from the Stop Violence Foundation shall cooperate to that everything goes peacefully in the vicinity of the stadium Newell’s chance to compete for a new classic in the city against Rosario Central “.

Carradori said that was an “act of faith, praying in a key stage gates”. Who also he said that “We declare peace. And on Sunday we made a prayer march into the stadium. Besides the banner proclaims “No more violence, a message of God” and the work of volunteers as agents of peace. It turned out that there was at the end of the match, a shot. And violence in income. The same police told us his amazement at what had happened. Since I hoped flashpoints “he said.

We welcome the work that these volunteers, men and women of faith who with love and conviction assume the task of bringing peace amidst events where passion and violence merge. We agree with the final sentence Carradori Fernando gave us: “We established Christian principles to build cities of Peace.”


– Federación ACIERA

No More Violence in Rosario, Argentina
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