Dallas student’s ‘No More Violence’ club aims to change the world


Bryan Adams High School senior Elias Palmitano says it all started with the school bully.

“It changed what I thought about myself,” he said.

An Argentinian immigrant, as a kid Elias hated being picked on.

“So I wanted revenge. I looked for revenge,” he said.

Instead, he refocused his anger on finding a way to change the world.

The “No More Violence” club he started last fall now draws more than 30 students at Bryan Adams High School.

They meet once a week and come up with ways to make their school a more positive place.

It’s mostly small things, like complimenting a teacher or picking up trash. But students in the club say it’s made a big difference.

“I’ve noticed this year there haven’t been that many fights. That’s actually a good thing,” said one club member.

Shaun Smith is the club’s faculty sponsor.

“I believe the organization can make a dent over time,” Smith said. “Definitely. In this community or other communities.”

Elias admits it may take years for his message to spread, but he’s already seen the bigger picture.

“There’s hope,” he said. “There’s hope and it might not change the world, but simply by changing one person’s life, to me that’s enough.”

Where do we sign up?

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Dallas student’s ‘No More Violence’ club aims to change the world