The Vice President of Argentina receives the Organization of No More Violence at the Casa de Gobierno

Originally published by La Gaceta Cristiana de Argentina

Written by Daniel Trinchina – September 30, 2017

The vice president of the Nation, Licenciado Gabriela Michetti, received yesterday afternoon in her office of Casa Rosada the members of the Christian organization No More Violence, within the framework of the celebration of the twenty years that the entity meets. They were reunited next to the official of the Executive David Balyeat, Alicia Neumann, Richard Gómez and Fernando Carradori. They were accompanied by Cynthia Hotton, counselor of the permanent mission by Argentina to the OAS.

Throughout the talk Michetti emphasized the work done in Argentina and also the exponential growth that has had No More Violence, since its programs are developed in several nations of Latin America. At the opportunity, the president signed the book of the organization that the visitors approached where she wrote: “It was a gift from God to know the tasks that you all do. I am honored to have shared this time with you. They are an example of the kind of citizens we need the nations of the world in this twenty-first century so that the encounter between all human beings is possible. ”

Prior to the meeting in Government House, the organization was distinguished in the Delia Parodi Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies, and after the welcoming words of Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann, the senator for Tierra del Fuego, Miriam Boyadjian, delivered in name of the Senate the diploma of Honor to the organization No More Violence in recognition to the twenty years of work in favor of the eradication of all forms of violence in our society.

The legislator highlighted the valuable work of her volunteerism for the prevention of violence in different areas. “The road is peace, is to build bridges and resolve situations through dialogue,” he emphasized. In addition, before concluding he underlined the importance of disseminating values, while thanking the representatives of the entity for “sowing seeds of peace in other countries, in Argentina and on the edge of the world, which is the province to which I belong” .

In addition, Pastor Norberto Carlini, leaders of the Evangelical Youth Baptist Argentina (JEBA), the United States, Mexico, Spain, Honduras, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia Mr. Gastón Bruno, director of Promotion of Rights and Citizen Values of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, Luciano Bongarrá, president of Parliament and Faith and leaders of other organizations.

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Subsequently there were recognitions on the part of the Baptist Evangelical Confederation (Confeba) through its directors Carlos Pauer and Jorge Ferrari; of the pastor Roberto Padilla, of Misiones, where there the program NMV is provincial law for schools; of the intendant of the locality of Campo Largo, of Chaco, Mónica Pereyra; and the greetings of Minister Tom Cooney of the US Embassy were read; of the General Director of the Police of Santa Fe, José Luis Amaya, and also of the General Director of the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic (ACIERA), Pastor Jorge Gómez.

While last night in the Chamber of the Power Plant of Art, cultural space of the City of Buenos Aires held a central celebration to thank God for these first 20 years of planting, with a dissertation on the “Building a Culture of Peace”; and recognition to those who were active protagonists volunteers of the peaceful transformation in schools, neighborhoods, stadiums and cities. In the musical part they will accompany the choir of the International Baptist Theological Seminary of Buenos Aires (SITB), the singer Kerón Jackson and the psalmist Javier Sosa.

Concluded the celebrations today in the Plaza Moreno of the city of La Plata, with a day of “Games and arts for the Peace”. With the objective of generating a public meeting space for the whole family where principles that build a city of peace with people of all ages will be shared through group dynamics, non-competitive games and artistic expressions directed by a trained team of volunteers.

The Organization No More Violence was born 20 years ago precisely in the city of La Plata. It is a voluntary social movement with Christian principles that provides transforming tools to faith communities to establish Principles of Peace in society. With a preventive-educational task in schools, squares, neighborhood centers and sports clubs in Argentina, the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Spain, No More Violence volunteers develop their programs Positive Presence in the Stadiums; No more violence goes to school; Peace Builder Families; Cities of Peace; and Games for Peace, which are declared of educational interest in several provinces and by the Ministry of Education of the Nation, are a fundamental tool in the social transformation of our communities.

The Vice President of Argentina wrote: It has been a gift from God to know the work all of you have been doing. I feel honored to have been able to spend this time visiting with you. You are an example of the kind of citizens that we need in the nations of the world need in the XXI century, so that the relationships of all human beings is made possible. Thank you! Signed, Gabriela Michetti, Vicepresidenta de la Nación Argentina
The Vice President of Argentina receives the Organization of No More Violence at the Casa de Gobierno
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