“Mobilized and not paralyzed”, NMV in Venezuela

From February 8 to 14, we visited the beloved nation of Venezuela.

On Thursday, February 8, pastors David Silva and Richard Gómez (representative and director respectively); presented “No More Violence a Message from God”, in the Council of Baptist Pastors of the city of Clarines, Anzoátegui.



Pastors and leaders of the city of Clarines, Anzoátegui


Mayor Francisca Rojas and Ptor. Richard Gómez

It was a beautiful time that included the participation of several pastors and Baptist leaders of the churches of the city; and with the special visit of the Mayor of Clarines, Mrs. Francisca Rojas. The municipality was opened to our organization with the purpose of helping Venezuela get out of the crisis in which it is submerged.

February 10 – 13, we participated in the “Mobilized and not paralyzed” camp in Caripe, State of Monagas. Approximately 340 people, mostly young people, gathered to participate in a meeting where praise and worship, the Word and fellowship were a great blessing and refreshment for a people that at this moment are suffering from great difficulties.

Pastor Richard Gómez (Director of No More Violence International) shared training workshops with more than 100 volunteers representing several states of eastern Venezuela in the framework of the camp.

Likewise, Pastor Gómez, was in charge of the messages based on values ​​in the two morning seminars, which, according to the attendees, were of impact and motivation for the participants.

In this way, “No More Violence a Message from God,” affirms their commitment to contribute to the peace of the beautiful Venezuelan nation; and we declare that “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding” will be the one that governs every Venezuelan heart in the search of a new horizon for the country based on Christian values ​​and principles.

“Mobilized and not paralyzed”, NMV in Venezuela
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