Visit to the Organization of American States

The Organization of American States (OAS) gathers as members, all the countries in North, Central, Caribbean and South America.

In total thirty five member nations with another seventy nations as observers who participate in discussions on a variety of issues..

David Balyeat, Norberto Palmitano, and Richard Gomez in the 2nd floor hall of the OAS with all of the 35 American States flags

We had the opportunity to visit with staff members in the office of Civil Society and with the representative Counselor of the Argentine Government. Our purpose was to see how NMV could contribute in the programs that they have dealing with prevention of violence. We learned that there is a tremendous opportunity to reach into one hundred and five nations with God based principles and values.

For many years now our hearts are burdened for the nations, for the violence and injustices people live in on a daily basis. Our desire to reach the nations with God’s message of peace drives everything we do. The visit to the OAS is a step in that direction. We believe that violence is a common reality around the world and working against it is something that all people want in one way or another. We believe that the way of peace is only found in Jesus Christ, the prince of peace.

David Balyeat and Richard Gomez with Consejero Cynthia Hotton, Delegate of the National Government of Argentina

The message of peace is applied in a variety of ways that allows entrance into communities in the areas in which violence is expressed. Working with the OAS will provide access to many more communities in order to bring transformation to individuals, families and communities through which cities and nations can also live out a culture of peace.

As an organization we will pursue being inscribed in the OAS and work with their programs in education and security. We are currently working successfully in both of these areas and working alongside governments will provide an open door to affect more lives.

David Balyeat, Norberto Palmitano, and Richard Gomez. Praying for peace in front of the White House, Washington D.C.
Visit to the Organization of American States
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