NMV responds to Monterrey, Mexico after school tragedy

On March 25, 2017, Richard Gomez and David Balyeat arrived in Monterrey, Mexico responding to an invitation to share about the No More Violence a Message from God movement. The invitation came in response to an incident at a public school where a student entered the school, shot at several students and teachers, and then killed himself.

Arriving in Mexico, the first meeting was at the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the state of Nuevo Leon with Dr. Claudio Martinez, the Administrative Coordinator. The visit was successful and has resulted in an opportunity for a meeting with the Ministry of Education of Nuevo Leon. NMV is grateful to pastor Rigoberto Castro Miranda for initiating this meeting and following up on the potential for future ministry in the schools of the city of Monterrey.

David Balyeat, Richard Gomez, and Pastor Rigoberto Castro Miranda

The next meeting was with Sahid Hernandez Rosete, a reporter for Medio Tiempo, one of the largest sports internet papers in Mexico. Sahid and I had a great visit about NMV and how the work to prevent violence had begun in Argentina. After several minutes of getting to know each other, the interview began. You can watch this interview in Spanish at the following link:



The interview was posted on Monday, March 27th, and in no time was picked up by other media.

The challenge to send a message through the avenue of soccer to the country is a big step for NMV, but not too big for our Lord. This step will allow the message to be known and will make the road easier for the churches that adopt local schools. This strategy provides open doors to share the good news on a personal level with students and their families.

Later, on Friday, a group of pastors began to gather and our training began. Continuing on Saturday, it was a blessed time with pastors who are understanding what the message and the strategy is all about. They will now gather more people for the actual training to enter the schools and stadiums, in order to push back the darkness and establish a culture of peace in the schools and the city!

David sums up his Mexico experience as follows:
“The visit to Monterrey was short, but a powerful demonstration of what God can do. We are expecting great things to come out of the city of Monterrey that will echo in all of Mexico. As we ended our time together, we made our way to the stadium where one of the Monterrey teams plays. We were allowed through the main gate but could not proceed into the stadium. We prayed asking God to open the doors and allow His message to be spoken to all. We prayed that He would protect everyone and that from here, a nation would receive word about a better way to live.”

The local newspaper, El Horizonte, also wrote a story on our visit to Monterrey, titled “Culture of Peace”.

NMV responds to Monterrey, Mexico after school tragedy
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