Workshops for Families in Richardson, Texas

From July 25 to August 22, in the Community Center of Richardson, Texas, with The Heights Baptist Church, we were presenting our workshops for the family of No More Violence, a message from God. The meetings were weekly and were given in two simultaneous sessions, one for the parents and teenagers, and the other for children up to 12 years. Around 80 people participated in the event.

The interesting thing about this is that parents could go back to their homes and talk with their children about what they had learned since the same topics were played with different dynamics appropriate for each age.

The faith community was very satisfied with the achievements and the impact it generated in the neighborhood where this community center is located. Some of the testimonies that people shared are the following:

“Before attending this program I thought I had no problems of violence, but upon receiving this teaching I see that I have many things to improve in my relationship with my wife and children. In these last days I have fought much less with my wife. Thank you very much.” —Mr. Torres

“What struck me the most was the subject of self-esteem. I learned that I have the power to raise or lower the self-esteem of those around me. From now on I will work to make my loved ones and the people around me feel good.” —Mr. Hernandez

Our program has been successful with children and youth, but I think it reaches its highest expression when we can present it to the whole family because this means all the members of the family are committed to be ‘agents of change’ to achieve peace in their homes and community.

Workshops for Families in Richardson, Texas
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